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Kevin dips Amy for a kiss under the lights hanging in the trees

Dancing under the lights

Setting the tone can sometimes be as easy a few string lights. ¬†The tone always leads to the mood ūüėČ

Derek drinking a beer to seal their wedding

Wedding traditions

You know how some couples: light a candle,  have a sand ceremony, or have a wedding cord ceremony?  Derek and Shannon owned their ceremony and shared a frosty beverage.  Also, we also think Derek has a touch of John Wick.

Erin having her lipstick put on

Amazing Lips

Makeup is very personal. ¬†Every person is different and we like to capture those special moments. ¬†These lips ranked pretty high up on our “amazing” scale. ¬†We are also wondering if this bride would recognize her own lips?

Trista walking up the hill in her dress with a huge smile

walking on sunshine

Walking on Sunshine РIt is your wedding day.  Smile and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Roasting Matthias in his batsman speech in Jamaica

Best man speeches

No matter how you play it, the best man has a big responsibility.  The speech is always a hot topic.  We have seen some laugh, some cry, any many hug it out.  Here is to the best man and their speeches

Robyn and Darryl cuddle close in front of the Lakehouse Lodge

Winter Love

Winter Love – Nothing warms up a cold winters night like each other (oh and maybe some heavy winter jackets )

Katie and Mark at Sunset at the golf course

Sunset Dreams

For some reason sunsets are just magical.  They are even better when they involve your significant other and you find time to enjoy them on your wedding day!

Jessie and Justin cuddling on a park bench

Quite moments

Let me get that. Sometimes you need some quiet time during your day. ¬†Maybe it is just to wipe that lipstick off the inconspicuous spots ūüėČ

Heather and Glen alone in the Legislation Building

You make me feel like the only one

Alone – together When your partner makes you feel like you are the only other person in the room.