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Jessie and Justin cuddling on a park bench

Quite moments

Let me get that. Sometimes you need some quiet time during your day. ¬†Maybe it is just to wipe that lipstick off the inconspicuous spots ūüėČ

Jessie hugging Justin from the back

when it just fits

You know that place where it just feels right? Where everything fits perfectly?

The long pathway at Kings Park for engagement photos

Jasmin & Shawn at Kings Park

Probably the coldest day of the year so far. ¬†This session was not easy and I have to give a big shout out to these two amazingly strong dairy farmers. ¬†They stuck in there and didn’t complain once, while we ran around in the cold. Thanks for making the afternoon enjoyable!

Kaitlan & Craig kissing in the golden hour in Kings Park

Kaitlan & Craig

Well it was almost a year ago now that I first met Craig. We sat down together and talked about combines and the country. It was cool, to finally meet the girl who took over the top step in his heart. These are just two awesome people who have found each other and have figured out how to make their own paths come together to now share one.

The magical spot in Kings Park for engagement photos

Kelsey & Gord

What can I say? ¬†Anyone who knows me, knows that motorcycles have been a big part of my life. ¬†When I see Gord roll up on cruiser, I smiled big. I ¬†knew he was bringing a bike but you never know what kind (not that it really matters) but riding in style is always nice. ¬†These two were so natural with each other its no wonder they decided to tie their lives together in marriage. It really makes me smile […]

Amazing color with the setting sun in the background

Mandy & Grahame

One of the most amazing sunsets I experienced this summer! Mandy and Grahame were the lucky couple to experience suck beautiful light. These two love birds met at the swimming pool where they both were working! These two water lovers really hit it off working at the pool, and as the saying goes the rest is history. Here they are with a ring on her finger and a dream in their minds of their new life together  

Nested in some of the trees in the park

Karmen & TJ

What happens when the rain is coming just before a shoot? ¬†Well you meet a little earlier and start the party early! ¬†I never thought we would be the rain ¬†but we did and I was so glad we stuck it out!  

Bride wrapped up in Grooms suit jacket

Shiv & Justin

Yes what a day. Started during the morning fog at the Legislative building, where we had the magical first look. I always love this when the groom see’s his bride for the first time. When it is just the two of them all alone, they are free to share all the emotion they want. I always choke up behind the camera during this time. The gang met up with us shortly after that when we had time to take some […]