• Winnipeg

    Meaghan & Peter

Challenging us for the coldest wedding to date this one was cold.  Even though we were cold, the bridal party always amazes us.  The bride and her gals were without jackets standing in -30 for a while and not one complaint.  Women from Manitoba are just built different than other places.  Planning a wedding during a pandemic is no small feat.  Having the venue cancel on the couple and forcing them to find a new one is never easy.  Thankfully Restro Gare was to the rescue and gave an amazing reception helping relieve the pressures of all other "fluid" plans changing at the speed of the government mandates.

Peter hugging the best man while getting ready
Peter with a big smile while he ties his tie
Meaghan reading a card in the corner with her wedding dress hanging from the window
Meaghan reading her card from Peter in a white room
the engagement ring balanced on the white bed sheets with the purple wedding shoes in the background
Meaghan's engagement ring on the wedding invite
Meaghan walking up behind Peter for the first look
Peter's reaction to seeing Meaghan for the first time
A first kiss after the first look
The bride and groom walking out of the Inn at the Forks
The full bridal party in front of the fireplace at the Millennium Center
Meaghan and Peter portrait
The couple cuddling in front a window
Dancing upstairs at the Millennium Center
Wide angle shot of the couple in a window inside the Millennium Center
Top down view on a spiral staircase with the couple at the bottom
A self portrait of Meaghan by a window
The bridal party outside the St.Boniface Cathedral
Meaghan and Peter nose kissing under the veil
The couple walking hand in hand outside in the cold
Meaghan and Peter cuddling in the extreme cold at the St.Boniface Cathedral
Meaghan cuddling with Peter in the cold while rubbing a hot paw against his cheek
Peter and Meaghan with Peter's grandma
The bride and groom kneeling during a prayer in the ceremony
Meaghan and Peter walking out the isle hand in hand
The wedding cake under the lights
The groom dipping the bride on the dance floor at Rest Gare

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