Kristen relaxes in the Matthias's strong arms showing off the back of her dress

The groom kissing the brides hand under the darkly lit bar

Shannon looking amazing and showing off her tattoos
Sitting down on the stairs at the hamilton building
Chelsea standing in front of the large window at the Hamilton Building
Danielle leans in for a kiss on Geoff's neck

The couple sitting on a picnic table over looking Kelownas lake with the mountains in the background.

The couple hiding under their umbrella in a massive rain storm
The couple in the front seat of the old car
Kissing from viewed from within an abandoned car
A white horse drawn carriage on the wedding day
Mayan Sunrise with the bride and groom
Bride and groom boxing with massive gloves in blow up ringThe couple dance along the shore during sunrise

A romantic kiss silhouette in the forest at Pineridge Hollow

The couple kissing with their reflection in a puddle

The bride sitting on the groom in a hanging hammock chair at dusk