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Kevin dips Amy for a kiss under the lights hanging in the trees

Dancing under the lights

Setting the tone can sometimes be as easy a few string lights.  The tone always leads to the mood 😉

Sam and David kick off their shoes and have fun during the newlywed session

Kick Off your Shoes

You plan your wedding day for months, maybe years.  The planning seems to take forever.  Once the day finally arrives it can fly by in a blink of an eye.  You need to remember…

Walking out the isle to the guests holding sparklers

Sandra & Dean | Carmen MB

Every couple has their own unique story on how their paths crossed.  Sometimes the paths cross more than once, which is the case with these two.  Seeing these two together was quite captivating and super cute.   I have photographed quite a few back yard weddings over the years but this back yard was a thing of beauty!  Who knew that a small wedding in the middle of Carmen MB could be so amazing!  There was a hand built moon […]