• Winnipeg, Manitoba

    Taryn & Daniel

Can't climb on a 4 Runner and kiss my bride?  Daniel: "hold my beer"!  Off-roading, camping, cigar smoking, carefree, and down to earth describe these two amazing people.  They managed to pull off an ultra casual wedding in the middle of pandemic and made it look amazing.  Weddings are changing and so are the customs.  Invite the special people, and have a good time.   Now if only the wasps got the same memo, everything would be perfect.  So happy for Taryn and Daniel to pull off such an amazing wedding with covid rules changing daily.  You guys knocked it out of the park!

Taryn and Daniel holding hands during the ceremony
ceremony with the parents on looking
Taryn putting placing Daniels ring on
The couple holding hands during the ceremony
Taryn and Daniel's first kiss
embracing each other on the river bank
The couple holding each other
A close photo of Taryn about to kiss Daniel
The couple holding hands on a park bench
The couple dipping a kiss on top of a Toyota 4 Runner TRD Pro
Taryn & Daniel leaning against a railing
The couple kissing under the lights at the Keg
The couple cheering drinks at the bar
A kiss at the bar at the Keg downtown
the reception table in the back yard
The couple sharing a laugh during the reception

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