AJ Enns

Well I have pretty much had a camera in my hands since the beginning.  The beginning was when I was around 4 years old when I had a wooden fisher price camera.  Shortly after that I had done a walk-a-thon as a fundraiser for Youth-For-Christ and picked up a super basic 35mm camera as a prize for my efforts.

This was my first film functional camera. For many years I rocked that camera and really took it everywhere.  I remember being around 23, when I was able to get my first digital camera.  

The very first thing I bought was an Esquire watch (which started my watch collection), and the next thing was a Pentax Optio S camera that fit inside an Altoids case.AJ
How I bought this camera is a good story.  You see I was a smoker for too many years.  I decided to quit one day, and how I did it was: will power, zyban, the patch, and I put my smoke money into a jar everyday.  I made myself a deal that I could spend that money on whatever I wanted and it would be totally guilt free.  The very first thing I bought was an Esquire watch (which started my watch collection), and the next thing was a Pentax Optio S camera that fit inside an Altoids case.

This Camera went with me everywhere from then on out.  Mountain bike trips, Snowboard trips, and everything in between.  I believe I attached it to R/C planes, before the quadcopter was even thought of.

My photography career changed one fall day during a family gathering.  My cousin Lincoln was visiting Winnipeg from Mexico.  You see one day he also decided to follow his dreams and move to the Mayan Riviera to be a wedding photographer.  Things changed with his company an he asked me if I wanted to be his associate photographer?

At the time I was a I.T. consultant for a great company.  They enabled me to take my own sabbatical, so I packed up all my shorts and t-shirts and moved to Mexico.  I lived in Mexico for 6 months with my cousin and had an amazing time.

Since then I have moved back to Winnipeg to be a Wedding Photographer here. Yes the wedding industry is big business in the Mayan but my family is here. I love photographing weddings here in Winnipeg as well as abroad. The seasons are fun when you are prepared for them. Winter can be cold, but dressed right there are many things our great city has to offer.

Outside of photography, I am an avid Crossfitter. My home gym is Prairie Crossfit where I am able to spend time on me. Exercise is good not only for your body but for your brain as well.

Here was my Mexican life by the numbers

  • 6 months living on the 9th hole of a golf course 1 block from the beach
  • 40 weddings photographed 
  • 30 different resorts visited 
  • 250,000 photos taken
  • 4 care packages received from home (Salt & Vinegar Chips, Sun Dried Tomato Dressing, and Tim Hortons Coffee)
  • 75 Beach days
  • 0 stomach aches from Mexican food
  • 30 lbs of pico de gallo eaten
  • 12 sunburns
  • 4 L of salt water swallowed
  • 1 close call with a mad Iguana
  • 1 close call with a very mad Federali with a AK-47
  • 4 bottles of rum consumed (plus or minus a few😉
  • 1 missed birth of my first niece Ruby


Working with Lincoln at Moments that Matter Photography

Missing my niece’s birth was one of the reasons why I am back in Winnipeg.  Visiting Mexico is one thing, and living there is a totally different thing.  Family is super important to me and I was really sad not being there for my sister.

Shortly after moving home, I met this very special girl thanks to a website called Plenty of Fish.  Kathy and I had our first date at my favourite restaurant Boston Pizza where we had wings and french onion soup.  I still cannot believe we had wings on our first date!  Not the cleanest food to snack on when trying to make a good first impression.  It didn’t take long before I knew she was the one.  We are now planning our own wedding for this coming winter where we are headed back to Mexico and I feel VERY lucky to have Lincoln as our wedding photographer.  After working so many weddings with him it will be so different having him photograph Kathy and I.

I started my photography company in 2011 upon moving home to Winnipeg.  Taking all my knowledge that I learnt from Lincoln in Mexico I have now grown into my own style and love being able to call someone’s happiest day of their lives my work place.  To make wedding photography EVEN better I get to photograph them with the love of my life.  I have a few other amazing photographers that I work with but Kathy is my main second photographer.  This is great because she has amazing attention to detail and can read the emotions of  the bride and groom and anticipate those amazing moments and capture them.

This leaves me in a unique situation where I can relate exactly to what my brides and grooms are going through.  I know this will only be for a short time as by summer of 2015 I’ll be married and all I will have left are the photographs 🙂 but for now I know EXACTLY what it is like to prepare your wedding.

Jaxon sitting with my 70-200 lensJaxon sitting in spooky jack o' latern Pumpkins

My main partner in crime, as well as my best friend and soon to be wife 🙂

Yes I have been an adrenaline junkie for quite some time.

One of our trips to Cuba

One of our trips to Cuba

Just minutes befor a chilly fall engagement session.

PreSession copy

Every once in a while a bride will want to take our photo.


My two very special nieces

Two little girl sisters laying on a blanket giggling

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Wedding photography is so much more than just clicking a button on a camera. It is about capturing a story as it happens. Seeing the nuances of your family, and the anticipation of things to come. Watching the groom see his bride for the first time is truly magical. Shortly after this, the exchange between the brides father and the groom is another one that always melts our hearts.