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Kissing under the amazing pink tree in the English Gardens

Hayley & Jeremy Married | Assiniboine Park

Destination weddings don’t always involve us travelling.  This was a destination wedding but only for the bride and groom!  Hayley and Jeremy now live in Nova Scotia but most of their family and friends live in Winnipeg (where they couple grew up).  This was one of the first weddings we have done with the ceremony happening before noon, for good cause though as the bride and groom had flights to catch for their Caribbean honeymoon!  Sometimes weddings have things go […]

walking out the isle holding hands and huge smiles

Tabitha & Matt – Leo Mole Sculpture Gardens

Not every wedding goes as planned.  Sometimes there are hiccups and detours along the way.  These two amazing people have had considerably more than their fair share hiccups and detours.  Through all this crap, they have continued to shine, smile and push their own way through.  They have made their new lives together forged in fire and it can’t get better!  Right from the word go, it just felt natural with Tabitha and Matt.  Their personalities and humour is just […]

the couple kissing from under the veil

Sandra & Tayo | TransCanada Centre

This Nigerian couple, did things with considerably more gusto than the typical weddings we shoot.  I believe that these two families (and maybe all the guests) coordinated their attire, which enabled us to see just how vast these two families were and everyone that supported them.  The brides friends also co-ordinated their outfits which were called Aso ebi.  Aso ebi is an indicator of cooperation and solidarity during ceremonies and festive periods.  All the ladies used the same material to make their own […]

Bride and Groom kissing amongst the tulips

Jamie & Tyler have their special day

Well it was a long time in the planning for these two.  I am not sure if the preparation of Tyler’s car had anything to do with it either?  Getting married in the Leo Mole Garden in the Assiniboine park is absolutely breathe taking.  As always there was threat of rain all week leading up to the big day, but on the day it was absolutely perfect.  Blue bird skies, and a few clouds to help keep the temp down. […]