• Winnipeg, Manitoba

    Carrie & Trevor

Such a great day with two of my favourite peeps!  The entire wedding consisted of family and it was just perfect.  The day included a break at Smoke's Poutinerie and there were no wedding clothes harmed in that adventure.  We were then able to put the cameras away for the reception and relax while we transitioned from photographers to guests.  It was a special day all around and so happy for my good buddy to take this step with the love of his life.

Carrie's wedding rings and bracelet
Carrie and her mother going her hair as they get ready
The best man giving the family dog a snuggle on the kitchen floor
The bride's mother fixing her daughters hair as she looks on through a mirror
The guys getting dressed in a brightly lit kitchen
Trevor putting on his tie
The groom helping his son tuck his shirt in and his son making a funny face
The brides daughter with her Grandma posting for a portrait
Carrie lightly grabs a white curtain for a portrait in the kitchen
Carrie looking out the window just after putting on her dress
The bride posing holding her bouquet
The maid of honour putting on the striking read heals with pearl ankle strap
Carrie taps Trevor on the shoulder for the first look
The couple embraces moments after the first look
Carrie poses near Grants Old Mill in Winnipeg
A soft kiss leaning against an old wooden wall
Carrie and Trevor holding teacher close looking straight into the camera
The couple leaning against a railing taking from a low angle with leading lines
Carrie and Trevor's portrait with the water and rocks in the background
Carrie and Trevor walking arm in arm with big smiles
The couple sitting on the grass under some massive oak trees
The couple kissing in a dark alley with the entire ceiling lit up with string lights
The bride and groom standing in a alley letup with string lights
The couple embracing under the metal structure known as the Cube
The wedding couple kissing in the dark corner of the Cube
The whole wedding party poses in front of a graffiti wall
The bridal party poses on the street with a light post
The bride leans against a graffiti wall
A close up of the wedding rings nestled into a hole in a brick wall
Carrie and Trevor leaning against each other by a graffiti wall and light reflections
Trevor and Carrie embrace while they lean up against a white convertible car
The couple kissing viewed a mirror on the car

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