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Heather and Glen alone in the Legislation Building

You make me feel like the only one

Alone – together When your partner makes you feel like you are the only other person in the room.

Rayanne and Chris kissing in the halls of the Winnipeg Legislative Building

A very special Valentines day

Every once in a while Valentines Day comes around.  This year I wanted to spend a very special one with my fiance.  We decided to spend it with a very special couple.  Rayanne and Chris had small group of their closest friends to witness their special vows.  All the details were in place for these two and it was a great evening. After the ceremony we headed over to the Winnipeg Legislative Building for some photos.  Although there were not many people […]

Stunning wedding venue at Fort Gibraltar

Tree seeds made it look like snow in June

What a great day.  The weather was a amazing, and Mellissa and Murray had honestly thought of every single detail!  It was a unique day as at the Fort it was raining tree seeds which made it look like snow.  Kind or romantic if you ask me.