Trash The Dress

Trash The Dress

There is a chance the dress may get a little dirty, but guaranteed things will get spicy!

Turn up the heat a little

Usually these romantic – and a little spicy! – sessions happen a few days after the wedding, and are only for the two of you. Celebrate the passion that brought you together in the first place.  There are less people, which means you can just think about each other.

These sessions start at $300 and are always one of kind.  Your imagination is the limit to where these can go.

A dipping kiss on the shore by the Gran Bahai Principe
A spicy kiss with the couple all covered in sand
Lincoln lifting up Silvie for a kiss amongst the trees and cliffs in a cent
Graffiitti covered run down building ocean side in Mexico
The bride and groom laying on the beach with the wedding shoes close by
the couple in the water under a massive ledge in a cenote in the mayan.
The bride laying on the grooms chest in the water
Getting up close and comfy in 2 feet of water with the bride and groom
The couple holding hands running shoreside
The couple sitting on the shore with Mexican ruins in the background
The couple sitting on a dock in a cenote
Kristen laying on Matthias lap giving him a big kiss