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Michelle leans in close to Matthew at the Legislative building

Concrete connection

Concrete Connection – Sometimes what seems to be like a dark cold corner of an old building can be just the opposite when you have each other

Kelsey and Gord snuggle during their sunset engagement

Finding your soulmate has no time limit

Sometimes it just takes longer to sift through all the needles in the hay stack to find your match.  We had many couples who found their partner later in life, and the answer is always the same:

It is worth the wait!

Kissing under the toboggan bridge at sunset

Kissing at Sunset

Photography is all about the light, and being a photographer is about mixing that light with the subject.  During our engagement shoots we have the flexibility to explore and go places that might be hard to get at with a wedding dress.  For example, on the shore beside the Red River in Whittier Park

Leslie and Clayton cuddle on their couch in their cabin

When you have built your dream

You know you have made it when your life resembles the dream you have always had.  Cuddling by the fireplace in your cabin/home in the middle of winter?  Some may ask if it gets any better than this.  Just add some hot chocolate with marshmallows or maybe a whiskey and whiskey stones.  We don’t judge.

The engaged couple leaning against a brick wall in the Exchange District

Hayley & Cole in Stephen Juba Park

As winter is on its way out, we decided to get some last photos in the snow.  These two have a very special companion in their pooch.  This dog was rescued, with horrible sores across his whole face.  Between Cole and his parents, they took care of this abandoned dog and one could easily see that the dog will be forever in their favor!   It’s always fun being a photographer when the couple have such a huge height difference. […]

The two love birds sit on a park

Sarah & Ray – St.Vital Park

Yeah sometimes fall is cold, but sometimes the leaves are just too beautiful to pass up.  We headed back to St.Vital park this week for the second shoot in a week.  Sarah and Ray have just started their journey down the marriage highway and what better way than with an engagement session.  Sometimes guys are not always comfortable in front of a camera, but just give me a few minutes and things always get easier.  There were some shivers and […]

The couple lounges under a spruce tree for their engagement photos.

Amanda & Richard at The Forks

It was one beautiful day the day I met up with Amanda and Richard.  Again I always encourage my couples to bring items that have meaning to them.  The guitar is just that to Richard, very meaningful.  During the day Amanda is in the education sector and Richard is certified electrician, after hours though these two try to get out of the city as much as they can and enjoy the outdoors.   We headed over to The Forks downtown […]

Snuggling on the curling bench at Fort Rouge Curling club

Kathryn & Matthew at Fort Rouge Curling Club

There is a first for everything!  To this day I have not done a curling engagement session.  That all changed with Kathryn and Matthew.  Although curling is not how they met, it is how their relationship grows.  Both love curling and Matthew takes his curling to the next level with I believe 3 times a week in the middle of winter.  He really knows how to throw rocks!  Both being from the faculty of Engineering at the U of M […]