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The engaged couple leaning against a brick wall in the Exchange District

Hayley & Cole in Stephen Juba Park

As winter is on its way out, we decided to get some last photos in the snow.  These two have a very special companion in their pooch.  This dog was rescued, with horrible sores across his whole face.  Between Cole and his parents, they took care of this abandoned dog and one could easily see that the dog will be forever in their favor!   It’s always fun being a photographer when the couple have such a huge height difference. […]

The two love birds sit on a park

Sarah & Ray – St.Vital Park

Yeah sometimes fall is cold, but sometimes the leaves are just too beautiful to pass up.  We headed back to St.Vital park this week for the second shoot in a week.  Sarah and Ray have just started their journey down the marriage highway and what better way than with an engagement session.  Sometimes guys are not always comfortable in front of a camera, but just give me a few minutes and things always get easier.  There were some shivers and […]

The couple lounges under a spruce tree for their engagement photos.

Amanda & Richard at The Forks

It was one beautiful day the day I met up with Amanda and Richard.  Again I always encourage my couples to bring items that have meaning to them.  The guitar is just that to Richard, very meaningful.  During the day Amanda is in the education sector and Richard is certified electrician, after hours though these two try to get out of the city as much as they can and enjoy the outdoors.   We headed over to The Forks downtown […]

Snuggling on the curling bench at Fort Rouge Curling club

Kathryn & Matthew at Fort Rouge Curling Club

There is a first for everything!  To this day I have not done a curling engagement session.  That all changed with Kathryn and Matthew.  Although curling is not how they met, it is how their relationship grows.  Both love curling and Matthew takes his curling to the next level with I believe 3 times a week in the middle of winter.  He really knows how to throw rocks!  Both being from the faculty of Engineering at the U of M […]

The long pathway at Kings Park for engagement photos

Jasmin & Shawn at Kings Park

Probably the coldest day of the year so far.  This session was not easy and I have to give a big shout out to these two amazingly strong dairy farmers.  They stuck in there and didn’t complain once, while we ran around in the cold. Thanks for making the afternoon enjoyable!

Engagement snuggles in the cold at the Pavilion at Assiniboine Park

Robyn & Andrew at Assiniboine Park

It was a pretty chilly day the day we went out for this engagement photo session at the Assiniboine Park. The wind was blowing, and the windchill was probably pretty close to -28. It only took a few photos though to warm up with these two. When you meet a couple for the first time during their engagement photos, it takes a little to get in the “groove”. These two didn’t take long and the jokes were flowing. It felt […]

The couple enjoying a park bench in the middle of winter

Rachel and Scott at Assiniboine Park

Winter can be such a beautiful place for engagement photos.  It was not the coldest day of the year but these two didn’t mind.  They were up for anything, which included walking through a few snowbanks.  Yes there were a few red hands from the cold but the smiles poked through.

The magical spot in Kings Park for engagement photos

Kelsey & Gord

What can I say?  Anyone who knows me, knows that motorcycles have been a big part of my life.  When I see Gord roll up on cruiser, I smiled big. I  knew he was bringing a bike but you never know what kind (not that it really matters) but riding in style is always nice.  These two were so natural with each other its no wonder they decided to tie their lives together in marriage. It really makes me smile […]

The couple in front of an amazing flower garden at St.Vital park

Melissa & Tyler

I love having sessions in fall! The images that come out of them are simply filled with colour! These two love birds met Kathy and I at St.Vital Park for an evening before they run off to Mexico to tie the knot. If you have ever been to the park in fall it is quite the adventure. There are always a ton of geese, and lots of little “land mines” that they leave. We still managed to have a ton […]