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Tabitha and Matt's wedding bands nested in her bouquet

Happy Holidays 2020

Merry Christmas! Well this year has left a LOT to be desired. Here’s to hoping that some of you will get a very special gift under the tree tonight! That might help turn this year around. 😉

Robyn and Darryl cuddle close in front of the Lakehouse Lodge

Winter Love

Winter Love – Nothing warms up a cold winters night like each other (oh and maybe some heavy winter jackets )

Heather and Glen alone in the Legislation Building

You make me feel like the only one

Alone – together When your partner makes you feel like you are the only other person in the room.

Robyn and Darryl kissing under a pergola

cold winter weddings

A throw back to easily the coldest wedding we have ever done (-40 with the windchill).  I am always amazed at how strong our brides are on their wedding day.  Maybe it’s adrenaline or maybe secret magical powers but the power of the dress always mystifies me.

Pam leans in close to give Josh a kiss

The moment just before

You know the moment just before your lips touch?  The moment you feel the electricity jumping between you, because you are that close?  Yeah that moment. 😀

Robyn and Darryl see each other for the first time in the snow

First look moments

That moment you see each other for the time is always so special!

The couple dancing under the lights in the Winnipeg Conservatory

Sue & Glen at The Conservatory

It was a pretty nice December day that the Sue and Glen had picked out for the wedding at their Conservatory at Assiniboine Park.   The wedding was a small one where everyone seemed to know everyone!  Every direction I turned there were smiles and laughs. Even Sue and Glen couldn’t stop glowing.  I really loved how they also incorporated rocks into their special day.  Each guest got to sign a unique rock that the two would keep in a basket in their living […]

Pam and Josh walk out the isle with massive smiles

Pam & Josh have a winter dream

Yes it was a chilly day outside but if you were close to Pam and Josh you were feeling the warmth. What an amazing couple! Just so genuine and happy about it all. From the very first time I met them I knew it they were special and their wedding day was no different. All the love in the room for these two was amazing. I was so lucky to share this day with them and look forward to working […]