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Matt and Claudia having a laugh just before he dips her

Claudia & Matt Engaged

Easily the strongest couple I have photographed.  Meeting at the gym, and growing stronger together in more ways than one.  We met Matt on the beaches of Jamaica, and now we are photographing him and Claudia on the shores of the Red River.  Our first Covid-19 wedding here…

Kissing under the amazing pink tree in the English Gardens

Hayley & Jeremy Married | Assiniboine Park

Destination weddings don’t always involve us travelling.  This was a destination wedding but only for the bride and groom!  Hayley and Jeremy now live in Nova Scotia but most of their family and friends live in Winnipeg (where they couple grew up).  This was one of the first weddings we have done with the ceremony happening before noon, for good cause though as the bride and groom had flights to catch for their Caribbean honeymoon!  Sometimes weddings have things go […]

Proudly wearing their Jets jerseys for their engagement photos

Nadine & Adam at Assiniboine Park

These two just have an amazing story.  Both working in I.T. they have the same passions for work.  Outside of work, they were both extremely successful athletes! Adam played premier soccer player who actually went to the Canada Winter Games for speed skating, and Nadine played the highest level of female rugby that we have!  So much that I had in common with these two (except for the crazy high level of sports).  Enjoy the photos and just look at […]

Engagement snuggles in the cold at the Pavilion at Assiniboine Park

Robyn & Andrew at Assiniboine Park

It was a pretty chilly day the day we went out for this engagement photo session at the Assiniboine Park. The wind was blowing, and the windchill was probably pretty close to -28. It only took a few photos though to warm up with these two. When you meet a couple for the first time during their engagement photos, it takes a little to get in the “groove”. These two didn’t take long and the jokes were flowing. It felt […]

The couple dancing under the lights in the Winnipeg Conservatory

Sue & Glen at The Conservatory

It was a pretty nice December day that the Sue and Glen had picked out for the wedding at their Conservatory at Assiniboine Park.   The wedding was a small one where everyone seemed to know everyone!  Every direction I turned there were smiles and laughs. Even Sue and Glen couldn’t stop glowing.  I really loved how they also incorporated rocks into their special day.  Each guest got to sign a unique rock that the two would keep in a basket in their living […]

The couple enjoying a park bench in the middle of winter

Rachel and Scott at Assiniboine Park

Winter can be such a beautiful place for engagement photos.  It was not the coldest day of the year but these two didn’t mind.  They were up for anything, which included walking through a few snowbanks.  Yes there were a few red hands from the cold but the smiles poked through.    

Amy and Kevin getting close

Amy & Kevin Engagement Photos at Assiniboine Park

It was not the warmest of days by any stretch of the imagination.  We did our best in finding locations out the wind and we managed to to do alright.  Meeting up with these two just felt right at home like we were old friends.  Fighting through the snow and cold sure helped as well. Check out these images as we all celebrate the next step that Amy and Kevin are taking.

Sarah and Justin back lit by the Sun for engagement photos in Assiniboine Park

Sarah & Justin

Well it was a great evening with these two musicians. Not too many people know but when I was younger I too also played piano. Thanks to my mother who is RCM certified piano teacher/adjudicator I have several grades of piano. Having a photography session around a lake in fall is always a challenge. There are lots of Canadian Geese around. We managed to navigate the gauntlet and still get some great photos. There were smiles, and cuddles with these […]

The couple kissing with amazing storm clouds moving in

Cheyenne & Fred

Well the rain was coming in, but we were able to dodge it.  It was a really fun night that we had with these two.  Sure the weather is turning cold and the  sun is going down earlier and earlier.  That doesn’t mean that two young people engaged can’t heat things up a little.

The couple kissing in the distance by a metal rusty wall

Bri and Dwayne in the park

In from rural Manitoba we had some good fun with these two.  Dodging geese land mines, and air bombing mosquitoes we managed to get some great shots.  All the best goes out to these two as they embark on their new future with each other hand in hand!