• Evergreen Village

    Nicole & Mike

Nicole and Mike's wedding at Evergreen Village was an unforgettable celebration filled with love, laughter, and Nicole's incredible DIY talents.

A Perfect Venue: Evergreen Village The rustic charm and natural beauty of Evergreen Village provided a perfect backdrop for their love story.

Love Story That Inspires Nicole and Mike's unwavering support and endless laughter were evident from their heartfelt vows.

Tight-Knit Friendship Their close-knit group of friends added warmth and humor to the celebration, emphasizing the importance of friendship.

Laughter and Joy From heartfelt moments to hilarious dance moves, laughter was abundant throughout the day, captured through my lens.

Nicole's DIY Touch Nicole's handmade centerpieces and bouquets added a unique, personal touch to the wedding, showcasing her creativity.

Nicole and Mike's DIY wedding at Evergreen Village was a celebration of love, laughter, and friendship, enhanced by Nicole's creative flair. As their photographer, I cherished capturing these genuine moments and wish them a lifetime filled with joy and creative adventures together.

Nicky's wedding dress with her green cowboy boots in front
All the groomsmen standing in line
the flower girl spins in her dress looking down with a smile
Nicky staring into the camera moments after putting on her dress
Father of the bride wipes away tears after seeing his daughter for the first time in her dress
A groomsmen wearing a wedding dress walks up as a prank for the first look
The groomsmen in the wedding dress taps the groom on the shoulder to turn around for a surprise look
The groom and the groomsmen wearing the a wedding dress smile and embrace after the surprise first look
The bride and groom in black and white standing close outside the farm house at Evergreen Village
A close up shot of the bride and groom from under the veil
A bridesmaid re-enacts a shot where the the bride is standing over her while both facing the camera
The bride and groom kissing while the veil floats effortlessly in the wind
A bridesmaid pretends to be trapped under the veil
the couple kiss in front of a arbor at Evergreen Village
A wide angle shot of the ceremony site at Evergreen Village
The walk out with massive smiles during the procession
The handmade centre pieces made out of burnt wood and paper flowers
A close up of the rings resting on top of a plant leaf
High angle shot of the first dance under the tent at Evergreen Village
The first dance of the groom and his daughter as she stands on his feet to match his steps
A groomsmen bustin a move with Russian dancing jumping high in the air
girls dancing on the dance floor being lit up by the DJ's laser lights
Mike dips Nicky under a arbour being back lit under the sky with dancing northern lights

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