• Southwood Golf & Country Club

    Danielle & Jon's Wedding

Greetings to all you photography aficionados and wedding enthusiasts! We're about to dive into the unforgettable wedding of Danielle and Jon at the Southwood Golf & Country Club, a day that combined perfect weather with a surplus of friends and enough laughter to rival a stand-up comedy show.

A Venue Fit for Royalty: Southwood Golf & Country Club played host to the festivities, offering a backdrop so lush and elegant that even Cinderella would have traded in her glass slipper for a tee time.

Sunshine, Smiles, and Shenanigans: The weather gods must have RSVP'd 'yes' because the skies were crystal clear, and the sun beamed down as if auditioning for a movie role. It was so perfect; even the birds were chirping in harmony.

Love, Laughter, and 'I Do's: Danielle and Jon's love lit up the day. From heartfelt vows to the dance floor shenanigans, it was clear these two were meant to be. The dance floor, by the way, saw more moves than a '90s dance-off.

Friendship on Fleek: With more friends than you could shake a bouquet at, their day was filled with toasts so touching they could melt a glacier, belly laughs that could outdo a comedy club, and group photos that captured the true essence of their crew - the good, the goofy, and the unforgettable.

Snap-happy Moments: As photographers, we had a field day capturing those candid glances, the spectacular first dance, and speeches that could rival a late-night talk show monologue.

To sum it up, Danielle and Jon's wedding was a day of love, laughter, and shenanigans galore. We were honored to be part of their special day and wish them a lifetime of happiness, humor, and even more dance floor showdowns.

Stay tuned for more incredible stories and weddings right here on our blog. Whether you're planning your own big day or just want to chat photography, don't hesitate to reach out - we're here to make your day as unforgettable as Danielle and Jon's!

The bride having hairspray applied
The bride and a reflection of her dress in the background
Danielle's wedding bouquet on the bed
Danielle's shoes and bouquet on the head board
The bride and her bridesmaids all hugging
Tight shot of the bride holding her bouquet
Danielle sitting on the couch looking amazing
close portrait of Danielle playing with her hair
Wide angle image of the ceremony at Southwood Golf & Country Club
The bride smiling big while the vows are read
Another ceremony shot while the couple shares vows at Southwood Golf & Country Club
The groom smiles while he hears the vows
The bride and the groomsmens
The groom standing with the bridesmaids
Danielle leaning on Jons chest for a portrait under a tree
The bride and groom holding each other closely while being backlit under a massive tree
Jon romantically dips Danielle and kisses her while her arm hangs down
Danielle sitting on Jon for a portrait
The rings balanced on a bullrush
The couple under a ultra moody sky while they embrace with a wheat field in the background
The couple and all their friends in front of the clubhouse at Southwood Golf & Country Club
low angle shot of the drink of the day: fireball
Danielle shares a romantic look at Jon during the parents speech
The groomsmen lift up Jon
Spotlight image of the small but beautiful wedding cake
Colorful and artistic image of the couple during their first dance
Image of the all the guests watching and photographing the couple during their first dane
The bride dancing with her girls
The groomsmen busting a move on the dancefloor
more dancing on the dance floor with the bride and the groomsmen
two groomsmen with a serious look pointing directly into the lens of the camera
The bride dancing with her hair flying everywhere and a smile
Long exposure of the club house at dusk at Southwood Golf & Country Club under moody cloudy skies

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