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Kevin dips Amy for a kiss under the lights hanging in the trees

Dancing under the lights

Setting the tone can sometimes be as easy a few string lights. ¬†The tone always leads to the mood ūüėČ

Tannis' Pearl wedding ring in the flowers

Unique wedding rings

Breaking Tradition – It doesn’t always need to be a diamond, it can be anything precious to the two of you. ¬†This is one of the classiest rings we have seen yet.

Sam and David kick off their shoes and have fun during the newlywed session

Kick Off your Shoes

You plan your wedding day for months, maybe years. ¬†The planning seems to take forever. ¬†Once the day finally arrives it can fly by in a blink of an eye. ¬†You need to remember…

The wedding couples smiles during sunset at the Gates on Roblin

Sunset Smiles

When you have waited your whole life for that one special person the wedding day can be hard to keep your happiness bottled up.  Best advice from us is be like Crystal and Reto РJust let it OUT!  

A close up of the bride under the vale

Sarah & Ray | St. Charles Country Club

It is not every day you get married in 32 degrees!  This was a warm day, but everyone was able to keep it together, and big shout out to the guys who looked amazing in their suits even in the heat.  The St. Charles Country club was the backdrop to this beautiful wedding.  Yes there were tears but they were all tears of joy.  When dad saw his daughter for the first time there were not many dry eyes (including […]

walking out the isle holding hands and huge smiles

Tabitha & Matt – Leo Mole Sculpture Gardens

Not every wedding goes as planned.  Sometimes there are hiccups and detours along the way.  These two amazing people have had considerably more than their fair share hiccups and detours.  Through all this crap, they have continued to shine, smile and push their own way through.  They have made their new lives together forged in fire and it can’t get better!  Right from the word go, it just felt natural with Tabitha and Matt.  Their personalities and humour is just […]

The bride and groom in a old decrepit building

Shannon & Jeremy

From the roots of Scotland these two “tied the knot”.  Literally they performed a handfasting ritual which is where the saying actually came from.  Tying the 3 brands of rope together signifies joining their lives together forever.  Getting married with your closest friends on the “back 40” of a farm yard is great way to go and make it your own.