Let's get together for a trial run

We offer complimentary engagement sessions with each of our packages.  We do this for many reasons, but the primary reason is to learn what it is like to work with each other.  This way, come your wedding day, photography/photographers are one thing you don't have to worry about and we can hit the ground running.  It's also a chance for us to learn a little more about what you like and want for your big day.

These sessions are great to get a totally different set of images that you might not be able to get from your wedding day.  We have the time and ability to go places we can't get to on your wedding day, or with your wedding party.  These images are also great for save the date cards, or even a guest book.  They are also great to share and look back on as you prepare for your wedding.

Sandra and Tayo posing by a huge glass wall
The couple playing guitar under some spruce trees
Amanda leaning up on Richard
Sylvia playing with her scarf in the breeze
Sitting in the snow for engagement photos in Stephen Juba Park
Romance in a canoe in perfectly still water at Kilcona Park, Winnipeg
A chilly afternoon for engagement photos
Elegant embrace in a back alley in the Exchange district Winnipeg
Simple love during the golden hour
Silvie and Lincoln embrace in the morning sun on the shore
Sandra leaning back into Tayo's arms in the fall leaves
Julia smiling with her eyes as Chris leans in
Julia smiling with her eyes as Chris leans in
The couple sitting on blanket cheersing their champagne
Arlita's portrait while leaning against a wood shed
The couple embraces underneath the train bridge
Engagement photos sitting against a log cabin on the steps
Chynna sitting on Tim's lap beside the river
Enjoying a kiss on the patio at King and Bannatyne