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Pam leans in close to give Josh a kiss

The moment just before

You know the moment just before your lips touch?  The moment you feel the electricity jumping between you, because you are that close?  Yeah that moment. 😀

Holding hands in the middle of the street in the exchange district

Hayley & Jeremy Engaged | Exchange District

From Winnipeg to Nova Scotia, and back!  These two grew up here, and now live in Nova Scotia.  When it came time to get married, Winnipeg was the only location.  Mere days before the wedding we got together to take some photos when it was only the two of them.  We love engagement sessions as they are a low stress time to get to know each other and what it is like to work with each other.  It is also […]

Amanda striking the perfect pose up close to Bradley

Amanda & Bradley | Exchange District

Spring is here and the snow is on it’s way out! We are so thankful for that.  Anticipating shedding our jackets for sandals and shorts could make us happier.  This also means things heat up around the studio here. This hot session brought the heat so much that we needed fire fighters on stand by. The fiery chemistry between these two brought an early thaw to Winnipeg’s frozen streets.  

Enjoying a kiss on the patio at King and Bannatyne

Sam & David | Engaged

Sometimes life can be busy, and sometimes ultra busy.  We were able to just squeeze in the engagement session before the wedding and was I every glad we did.  You see the engagement session is more than just second opportunity for photos for the couple, it is also a session where we can all get to know each other and how to work with each other.  I don’t think it is hard, but knowing how it feels to be in […]

Engagement photos in Stephen Juba Park with Maricel and Raymond

Maricel & Raymond

The fun keeps rolling even when the weather starts to cool down, and all the leaves are gone.  We lucked out and had a pretty calm evening that wasn’t too cold in the classic exchange district.  Congrats you two on taking the next step and Kathy and I were easily able to tell you are just too perfect for each other!

Jaenette hugging Junior from the back in front of a graffiti wall

Jaenette & Junior

Well I always say bring something that is important or special to my photoshoots. Usually its a sign, or blanket, or soccer ball. This time, it was a 5 ton truck! Let’s get ‘r done I say. I love incorporating things that are special or important to the couple. The truck is Junior’s lively hood so why not? We found this little gold mine of a location all while I was looking for a parking spot! Gotta love the happy […]

Chris pulling Jennie in tight in the setting sun

Jennie & Chris

Yeah these out of town guests are from close to where I grew up.  Just like me, these two also have pretty busy lives, but managed to find one evening that worked for the both of us.  Chris is a big time ball player so they brought a piece of the ball park to our shoot.  Nothing like walking around in the sketchy part of the exchange with a big ball player and his baseball bat.  We had no fear […]

Bride and groom in a back alley in the rain

Angela & Kyle Married July 26, 2014

It was such an adventure with these two.  Everything was laid out by Angela with meticulous planning and it went off without a hitch.  Well maybe there was a little rain for a while that would could have done without, but we still managed to have to have a great day.  There was a large wedding party again which always adds a little excitement.  We had a first look in Stephen Juba park, and then headed over to down town […]