• Rivers Edge Resort

    Karlie & Jeremy

Embrace the rain.  I think this was the motto of the day. It rained lightly for the most of the day, which meant our first ceremony where guests were dodging umbrellas to get a peak at the breathtaking bride.  Not the first time rain threatened a ceremony, and likely not the last either.  It didn't phase Karlie and Jeremy as they weren't going to let a little moisture dictate the day. The day unfolded just as planned and it was amazing. I have to say as my first visit Rivers Edge Resort, it was a great venue and offered all sorts of amenities for hosting a wedding.  The wedding party arrived a day ahead, and got to enjoy the the casual morning and then didn't have to travel at the end of the night either. It was a special wedding for us here as we first met Karlie on the beaches of Jamaica for her sister Kristen's wedding, and now we were able to cover her wedding.  We wish these two all the best!

The Bride and her sister hugging before putting on the dress
The groom having his beard trimmed
The grooms wedding gift of custom cologne
Karlie having her makeup put on while being back lit
Matthias trying to put on Jeremy's bowtie
The reception setup at Rivers Edge Resort
The groomsmen having some fun while getting ready
The view of the bride sitting getting her makeup through a mirror with silhouette lighting
The groomsmen found a dead frog and the best man picking it up
The groom holding a botchie ball for the best man to blow good luck on it
Karlie checking herself out in a mirror surrounded by white curtains
The bride and her sister making kissing faces while looking through a mirror
Karlie and her bridesmaids all cuddling for a portrait in a white curtained room
Karlie cheersing her bridesmaids with champagne
Karlie walking up a grassy field with the groom blurred in the foreground for the first look
The bride tapping the groom turning him around for the first look.
A first kiss after the first look
The bridal party all in a row nicely lit in a green field
Karlie and the groomsmen
The groom posing with the bridesmaids
Karlie and her bridesmaids
A close up of Jeremy
The couple standing on a dock during the ceremony at Rivers Edge Resort
The couple holding hands during the ceremony with a Karlie smiling big
The first kiss in front of the dock at Rivers Edge Resort
The couple walking out after the ceremony with massive smiles
The bride standing with her back into Jeremys chest with light rain failling
A close up of the couple kissing under a shed roof
Karlie & Jeremy kissing leaning under a roof with light sparkles in the foreground
The bride sitting on a old white couch, with rustic floor looking serious
The bride and her sister hugging viewed through water falling from a water fountain
The bride and groom with big smiles during a speech
Black and white photo of the couple smiling during a joke being told during speeches with an sign behind them showing their last name
Jeremy and the groomsmen smoking cigars while being back lit at night time.
A dramatic, romantic photo of the couple being softly lit standing on a dock just before sunset with the sky lit up in oranges and the black tree line.

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