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Katie and Mark at Sunset at the golf course

Sunset Dreams

For some reason sunsets are just magical.  They are even better when they involve your significant other and you find time to enjoy them on your wedding day!

A close up of the bride under the vale

Sarah & Ray | St. Charles Country Club

It is not every day you get married in 32 degrees!  This was a warm day, but everyone was able to keep it together, and big shout out to the guys who looked amazing in their suits even in the heat.  The St. Charles Country club was the backdrop to this beautiful wedding.  Yes there were tears but they were all tears of joy.  When dad saw his daughter for the first time there were not many dry eyes (including […]

A white horse drawn carriage on the wedding day

Katie & Mark at St. Charles Country Club

One of the those days where the threat of rain hangs over the wedding day.  Well this day was pretty amazing.  Many prayers were said, and the rain stopped just as the bride and groom walked out of the church after the ceremony!  You just couldn’t ask for better.  Katie and Mark are just two peas in a pod. Laughs, sports, friends are just a few things that these two share and passionate about.  They thought of everything and even […]