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Heather and Glen alone in the Legislation Building

You make me feel like the only one

Alone – together When your partner makes you feel like you are the only other person in the room.

Laos Ceremony at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights

Lao Weddings

Ceremonies are often filled with special stories and meanings.  Laos ceremonies are no different.  The cultural ceremony is all about giving back to the people who helped the couple get to this point.  The ceremony for Julia and Chris was truly amazing and I am not going to lie that I shed a tear hearing the stories.

Robyn and Darryl kissing under a pergola

cold winter weddings

A throw back to easily the coldest wedding we have ever done (-40 with the windchill).  I am always amazed at how strong our brides are on their wedding day.  Maybe it’s adrenaline or maybe secret magical powers but the power of the dress always mystifies me.

Pam leans in close to give Josh a kiss

The moment just before

You know the moment just before your lips touch?  The moment you feel the electricity jumping between you, because you are that close?  Yeah that moment. 😀

The wedding couples smiles during sunset at the Gates on Roblin

Sunset Smiles

When you have waited your whole life for that one special person the wedding day can be hard to keep your happiness bottled up.  Best advice from us is be like Crystal and Reto – Just let it OUT!  

Kissing under the amazing pink tree in the English Gardens

Hayley & Jeremy Married | Assiniboine Park

Destination weddings don’t always involve us travelling.  This was a destination wedding but only for the bride and groom!  Hayley and Jeremy now live in Nova Scotia but most of their family and friends live in Winnipeg (where they couple grew up).  This was one of the first weddings we have done with the ceremony happening before noon, for good cause though as the bride and groom had flights to catch for their Caribbean honeymoon!  Sometimes weddings have things go […]