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A little break during our trash the dress session in Mexico

Cenote heat

We have have a ton of experience with destination weddings, and as well as trash the dress sessions.  Make some memories to celebrate the passion!

Silvie sitting on Lincoln's lap in an abandoned house on the beach in Playa del carmen

Getting dirty on a TTD

Why not get a little dirty during the trash the dress session?  You might also get your clothes a little dirty too ;). Disclaimer – no clothes were harmed in the making of this photo

Trash the Dress in the sand and water

Get Wet and Sandy

I read this book recently, and this phrase came up time and time again. “Get Wet and Sandy”, well here is my interpretation.  This is to all our couples who aren’t afraid to roll in the sand for a photo 😀

Trash the dress is not a literal thing

So many of my clients hear “trash the dress” and get scared.  They think the name is literal.  Most of the time the dress will actually come out cleaner than the day of the wedding.  Fresh water and sand will not damage the dress.  There is still hesitation though.  For those who have that “priceless” dress or shoes and would never imagine putting them at risk, you can always get away with a good substitute. [x_icon type=”lightbulb-o”]  Here one bride got […]

Kathy and AJ say their vows over looking the ocean

Upcoming anniversary

It just so happens that my anniversary with my best friend is just around the corner! I couldn’t be happier to celebrate our second anniversary together! Love you long time babe!  

A dipping kiss on the shore by the Gran Bahai Principe

Kristen & Matthias Trash The Dress

I have always loved the trash the dress session. People often ask: “doesn’t the dress get ruined?”. Well most of the time the wedding dress gets way dirtier on the wedding day than a TTD session. The salt water and the sand work together as a cleaning agent and removes dirt from the wedding day! These sessions bring out real passion as there are fewer people around the and the couple can have really personal moments! Kristen and Matthias really […]

Silvie and Lincoln looking striking while sitting waste deep in a cenote in Mexico

Silvie & Lincoln at Playa del Carmen Mexico

It’s not every day I get to photograph a sunrise session and trash the dress session in the humidity of the Mayan Riviera! It also just happened to be my biggest photography influence. We started out just north of town where the land just jets out enough to see the sun rise spectacularly rise above the Caribbean Ocean. Silvie looked flawless (as usual) as we started to photograph along the beach. The waves came and went as the sun slowly […]