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The two love birds sit on a park

Sarah & Ray – St.Vital Park

Yeah sometimes fall is cold, but sometimes the leaves are just too beautiful to pass up.  We headed back to St.Vital park this week for the second shoot in a week.  Sarah and Ray have just started their journey down the marriage highway and what better way than with an engagement session.  Sometimes guys are not always comfortable in front of a camera, but just give me a few minutes and things always get easier.  There were some shivers and […]

Sandra and Tayo posing by a huge glass wall

Sandra & Tayo

Fall sessions can sometimes be hit or miss with the weather.  This session started with rain and I thought it was going to be a miss.  After working with these two for 2 minutes I knew it was going to be a hit regardless of the weather.  Yes it was cold, and there were rain drops but these two were just smiles inside and out!  We had a blast shuffling our feet through the piles of leaves and had quite a […]

Engagement photo by the duck pond in St.Vital Park

Chelsea & Matt at St.Vital Park

With only a few days before their wedding we decided to head out and take some photos of the 3 of them.  Chelsea and Matt brought best friend their pooch.  Let me tell you about St.Vital park in fall.  It is a favourite spot for Canadian Geese, and they flock their by the hundreds.  If anyone knows geese they also know what they leave behind.  There were thousands of little “land mines” I like to call them.  We needed to […]

The couple in front of an amazing flower garden at St.Vital park

Melissa & Tyler

I love having sessions in fall! The images that come out of them are simply filled with colour! These two love birds met Kathy and I at St.Vital Park for an evening before they run off to Mexico to tie the knot. If you have ever been to the park in fall it is quite the adventure. There are always a ton of geese, and lots of little “land mines” that they leave. We still managed to have a ton […]

Shannon & Derek spice it up

Shannon & Derek

Please let me introduce you to Shannon and Derek. Super down to earth and actually a lot like Kathy and I. You might notice Shannon’s tattoo, as did I. Very special tattoo as it is a reminder of her beautiful sister who will not be making their wedding. As Derek put it, she will always be with us now. I have to say that I had to stop for a bit as you don’t hear this every day during a […]

Katie sitting on Aaron's lap in the sunset

Katie & Aaron

It is a lot of fun when things just “click” in a  photoshoot.  These guys were clicking from the word go!   Soccer and fitness are what these guys are about and you could tell.  Thanks for the awesome evening guys!                    

Kaylee resting on James' chest

Kaylee & James Engaged

I am not sure what to say?  These two were awesome, and up for anything! Both of these two are big into fitness and you can tell. Both Kathy and I had a lot of laughs with these and I think you can tell. We cruised out to St. Vital park at just the right moment. The sun was perfect and the ducks watched us create some awesome photos! All the the best you two!  

The couple poses on a rock by the duck pond

Mellissa and Murray squeeze in before the snow

It is always a compliment when another photographer asks you to shoot their wedding. Well this is just that case. That combined with Murray who has a phat Victory motorcycle it was a win win situation. Its not every day I hand out of the jeep while photographing a couple on a bike, or I get to see records in the ground. I am excited about their upcoming wedding at Fort Gibraltar next year as it sounds to be pretty […]

Sitting on a long pathway in the leaves

Joanne & Darren enjoy fall

Even though I have photographed an RCMP officer before, I have not photographed a 6’5″ guy!  If you have ever met Darren, you know is the nicest guy, but he just commands respect.  You add that with Joanne who has a PHD, and it was a little humbling.  Thanks guys for choosing me to spend your evening with and I can’t wait to see you both pushing at the gym next time!