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Matt and Claudia having a laugh just before he dips her

Claudia & Matt Engaged

Easily the strongest couple I have photographed.  Meeting at the gym, and growing stronger together in more ways than one.  We met Matt on the beaches of Jamaica, and now we are photographing him and Claudia on the shores of the Red River.  Our first Covid-19 wedding here…

Richard showing Amanda how to play his guitar

Sharing your hobbies

Embracing your hobbies – We are often asked from our couples if they can bring something special to our engagement sessions.  You know what we say?  “Hell ya”.  If it is special to you, it will show up in the images.

Kathy leans in for a kiss on Justin's neck while on the swings

Evening swing romance

 Evening Romance

Our engagements sessions are quiet, and sometimes with little intrusion.  This allows our couples to feel at home and sometimes believe they are all alone.

Michelle leans in close to Matthew at the Legislative building

Concrete connection

Concrete Connection – Sometimes what seems to be like a dark cold corner of an old building can be just the opposite when you have each other

Kelsey and Gord snuggle during their sunset engagement

Finding your soulmate has no time limit

Sometimes it just takes longer to sift through all the needles in the hay stack to find your match.  We had many couples who found their partner later in life, and the answer is always the same:

It is worth the wait!

Kissing under the toboggan bridge at sunset

Kissing at Sunset

Photography is all about the light, and being a photographer is about mixing that light with the subject.  During our engagement shoots we have the flexibility to explore and go places that might be hard to get at with a wedding dress.  For example, on the shore beside the Red River in Whittier Park

Steve proposing to Erin on one knee on the beach in Cuba

Christmas Engagement

One of the most popular times (okay, the MOST popular time by far) to get engaged is either Christmas Eve or Christmas.  It just seems like a right time to pop that magical question.  We want to congratulate all those couples who took the next step.  All those guys and gals who gathered up the courage to ask that life altering question.  I know when I got down on one knee, I was incredibly nervous. So here’s to you!

Leslie and Clayton cuddle on their couch in their cabin

When you have built your dream

You know you have made it when your life resembles the dream you have always had.  Cuddling by the fireplace in your cabin/home in the middle of winter?  Some may ask if it gets any better than this.  Just add some hot chocolate with marshmallows or maybe a whiskey and whiskey stones.  We don’t judge.