• Henteleff Park

    Jasmine & Matt

Engagement session without jackets and -30?  Jasmine and Matt laugh in the face of cold weather while I was bundled up with quite a few layers, and I still have not figured out how to use my cameras with mitts.  Challenging times, but very happy to be working again.  

Matt carrying Jasmine in the air beside a fence in the park
Jasmine being dipped and kissed by Matt
A sillouette of the couple kissing amongst the trees with the sun in the background
A close up image of Jasmine's ring on the top of a fence post in the snow
Jasmine leaning in close to Matt's chest
the couple holding each other on the cold winters day
Matt pouring Jasmine a cup of hot chocolate in the middle of the park in winter
The couple sitting on a blanket on the snow drinking hot chocolate in the park in the middle of winter
A close up of the couple holding their hot chocolate and Jasmine's ring gleaming in the sun
The engagement ring perched on the two cups of hot chocolate.
The couple standing in tall wheat in the middle of winter with no jackets
A low angle of the couple kissing seen through the wheat with a sun burst in the background
A black and white image of the two holding each other close in a wheat field
Matt holding Jasmine on his back in the park
The couple cuddling in the wooden structure at Henteleff Park
Jasmine sitting on Matt's lap trying to keep warm in the wooden shelter

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