• Stephen Juba Park

    Claudia & Matt

Easily the strongest couple I have photographed.  Meeting at the gym, and growing stronger together in more ways than one.  We met Matt on the beaches of Jamaica, and now we are photographing him and Claudia on the shores of the Red River.  Our first Covid-19 wedding here, and it did not disappoint.  Having a wedding size of 14, (but we did not count the statues at the Leo Mole Sculpture Gardens.  The new world seems to be a little bit smaller than we are used to, but it just means we need to shine a little bit brighter.

Claudia and Matt hugging at sunset in Stephen Juba Park
Claudia hugging Matt from the back
Claudia sitting on Matts lap while he sits on a concrete ledge
The couple dancing in a back alley
Claudia and Matt hugging in a back alley
Matt and Claudia having a laugh just before he dips her
Matt leaning in for a kiss while Claudia leans against a wood door
The couple cuddling, seen through the trees
Claudia's portrait while running her hand through her hair
Matt's portrait while looking GQ
The couple holding hands while leaning against the Royal Manitoba Theatre Center.
The couple getting close in a graffiti back alley
Claudia leaning against their new Mercedes A220
The couple posing with their car under a train bridge
Claudia's engagement ring in the grill of their Mercedes A220

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