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The beautiful Julia and Chris posing on the wooden deck at Fort Gibralter

Julia & Chris | Fort Gibraltar

It was only minutes after a severe downpour that we managed to have this session.  Yes we waited a few minutes in the parking lot for the clouds to dissipate, but it was worth it.  Julia and Chris are all smiles all the time.  It was super contagious to be around the two amazing people.  We are super excited for more smiles on their wedding day!

Robyn and Darryl sitting a tree branch

Robyn & Darryl Engagement session

Adventure anyone?  These two crazy people are up for anything!  We came across a cool tree, and I said that would make a cool photo.  Only a few moments later both Robyn and Darryl were up in the tree! Usually it is us climbing in the trees and crawling through the leaves but it was fun to have the couple do the “heavy lifting” this time.  Stephen Juba park is one of my favourite spots because of the colour and […]

A special kiss during sunset under a canopy of trees

Carla & Mike Engaged

With their wedding fast approaching, we slid in their engagement days before the wedding.  We love it when we hear “we are not very photogenic”, and “I get awkward in front of a camera”.  It usually takes minutes for the couple to get comfortable and for the camera to become invisible during our sessions.  By the end we were having laughs and even finished with a cool beverage like we were long time friends!  This is a common theme in […]

Holding hands in the middle of the street in the exchange district

Hayley & Jeremy Engaged | Exchange District

From Winnipeg to Nova Scotia, and back!  These two grew up here, and now live in Nova Scotia.  When it came time to get married, Winnipeg was the only location.  Mere days before the wedding we got together to take some photos when it was only the two of them.  We love engagement sessions as they are a low stress time to get to know each other and what it is like to work with each other.  It is also […]

Amanda striking the perfect pose up close to Bradley

Amanda & Bradley | Exchange District

Spring is here and the snow is on it’s way out! We are so thankful for that.  Anticipating shedding our jackets for sandals and shorts could make us happier.  This also means things heat up around the studio here. This hot session brought the heat so much that we needed fire fighters on stand by. The fiery chemistry between these two brought an early thaw to Winnipeg’s frozen streets.  

Chynna sitting on Tim's lap beside the river

Chynna & Tim | Engaged

We love fall, and fall at Sunset is just a win win!  Chynna and Tim (and their dog) had their session a few days ago and we couldn’t be happier.  There were smiles, laughs, and a little drool (by the dog).  

Enjoying a kiss on the patio at King and Bannatyne

Sam & David | Engaged

Sometimes life can be busy, and sometimes ultra busy.  We were able to just squeeze in the engagement session before the wedding and was I every glad we did.  You see the engagement session is more than just second opportunity for photos for the couple, it is also a session where we can all get to know each other and how to work with each other.  I don’t think it is hard, but knowing how it feels to be in […]

Brianne & Kyle under the trees with the setting sun in the background

Brianne & Kyle – Engaged

Brianne and Kyle are two hard working people.  We were happy to squeeze in some time before their big day to capture their engagement photos.  This is a special time as it doesn’t last forever so it is important to stop and smell the flowers.  We hit up a park in the south end of the city just before sunset.  The weather was perfect and the beauty was there were no mosquitos!  Such a great evening with these two, we […]

Sandra and Dean during the engagement session

Sandra & Dean at the Forks Market

These two love birds have known each other for over 35 years!  It is funny how life has it’s roads that turn this way and that till they cross again.  Dean is from Phoenix where the weather is just a little warmer.  While Sandra and I were loving the first warm Saturday of the year Dean was not.  After a few photos, it warmed up between them and things were right as rain!  Can’t wait their special day later this summer!

The engaged couple leaning against a brick wall in the Exchange District

Hayley & Cole in Stephen Juba Park

As winter is on its way out, we decided to get some last photos in the snow.  These two have a very special companion in their pooch.  This dog was rescued, with horrible sores across his whole face.  Between Cole and his parents, they took care of this abandoned dog and one could easily see that the dog will be forever in their favor!   It’s always fun being a photographer when the couple have such a huge height difference. […]