• Winnipeg Exchange District

    Karlie & Jeremy

I love the warm summer nights in downtown Winnipeg, and made better hanging out with friends who are celebrating something very special.  When I first met these two it was on the beaches in Jamaica and now we are in the streets of the Peg.  It is funny how the road winds sometimes.  I am so excited to capture their big day, and these special moments.  They almost feel like family!

Karlie kneeling behind Jeremy sitting on the ground
The couple kissing while being back lit
The couple kissing under a large metal building
Karlie's engagement ring on a red fire hydrant
The couple sitting on a window ledge holding hands
Karlie leaning against a brick wall
Jeremy's portrait leaning on the ground
The couple holding each other in a back alley with the sun above the building
Karlie sitting behind Jeremy in a back alley
Karlie sitting a concrete ledge while Jeremy holds her
The couple leaning
The couple leaning against a railing on the bridge
Karlie leaning against Jeremy while he looks at her
The couple cuddling against a stair handrail with the Esplanade Riel bridge in the background

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