Stetsons anyone?

ajenns Wedding Photography

Weddings often re-unite old families and friends that you have not seen in a while.  Sometimes, weddings include the same people you have spent most of your Saturdays with since childhood.  I think the total number of years of friendship for this groom and his boys was close to 150 years!   -And no the groom is not wearing white …

the couple kissing from under the veil

Sandra & Tayo | TransCanada Centre

ajenns Wedding Photography

This Nigerian couple, did things with considerably more gusto than the typical weddings we shoot.  I believe that these two families (and maybe all the guests) coordinated their attire, which enabled us to see just how vast these two families were and everyone that supported them.  The brides friends also co-ordinated their outfits which were called Aso ebi.  Aso ebi is an indicator …

The bride and groom in a old decrepit building

Shannon & Jeremy

ajenns Wedding Photography

From the roots of Scotland these two “tied the knot”.  Literally they performed a handfasting ritual which is where the saying actually came from.  Tying the 3 brands of rope together signifies joining their lives together forever.  Getting married with your closest friends on the “back 40” of a farm yard is great way to go and make it your …

David dipping Sam in the garden

Sam & David | Backyard wedding

ajenns Wedding Photography

Back yard weddings are ALWAYS a great time.  I can’t quite put my finger on it.  Whether there is no stress of renting a venue or that travel is some what simplified I just don’t know.  On average I would say they are a little more casual.  Sam and David’s wedding was just that.  Sam got married barefoot, and the …