Kaitlan & Craig

Kaitlan & Craig kissing in the golden hour in Kings Park

Well it was almost a year ago now that I first met Craig. We sat down together and talked about combines and the country. It was cool, to finally meet the girl who took over the top step in his heart. These are just two awesome people who have found each other and have figured out how to make their own paths come together to now share one.

Kaitlan & Craig kissing in the golden hour in Kings ParkKaitlan & Craig hugging tightlyKaitlan & Craig at the end of a path in fallSitting in the fall leaves in Kings ParkRomantic pose with Katilan sitting on Craigs lapKaitlan's portrait agains beautiful fall leaves.Engagement photo on the bridge with the setting sun in the backgroundCaitlin sitting on Craig's lap hugging Sitting  under a massive tree in Kings ParkBack lit kiss in Kings ParkAmazing Tacori ring nestled on the fall leaves

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