• Kings Park Winnipeg

    Jessie & Justin

Kings Park is one amazing venue to have a wedding.  Every where you turn, there are amazing locations for photography.  This amazing couple made our job even easier by being up for anything. Wether climbing up on something or sitting down, everything was game.  We often ask our couples to be adventurous with us and try new things.  Jessie and Justin were up for anything!  We went from Kings Park to another amazing venue: Hy's Steak House in the heart of the exchange district Winnipeg.  With the moody lights and amazing cubby holes there were a ton of options for photos.  Our only limiting factor was time (but the guests would have been bored if we kept the couple for a a few hours hehe).  Thanks for choosing us Jessie and Justin and we wish you the best in the years to come!

The bride walking through some trees
The groom moments before seeing his bride for the first time with a tear in his eye
The couple in a dreamy pose as they both stare into the camera with the background out of focus
The couple holding each other while leaning against a tree in the shade
Wide angle view of the couple in the shade at Kings Park
The couple looking into each others eyes while Jessie holds a small fan
Jessie holding Justin tight from the back.
Justin holding Jessie's hand while he leads her across some rocks in a creek
The couple hold each other with a waterfall in the background
The couple exchanges vows viewed from behind a green shrub
Jessie gives the officiant a sneaky look during the ceremony
The brides parents holds hands during the ceremony
the first kiss with the guests in the background
Justin poses for his portrait
Justin holding his jacket over his shoulder under a huge tree with the sun in the background
Jessie's amazing bouquet
Jessie holding her flowers under a huge tree
The couple holding hands amongst some large blades of grass.
Jessie wiping Justin's nose as they sit on a park bench
The wedding cake that has a xbox game controller on top
Jessie's portrait in the dark lit lobby of Hy's Steak House
The couple looking into each others eyes in the bar at Hy's Steak House
Newlywed image of the couple being back lit while kissing in a stairwell at Hy's Steak House
A little romance on the stairs at Hy's Steak House
The silhouette of the couple in red light
A reflection of the couple kissing with lights out of focus in the foreground.
Jessie sitting on Justin's lap upstairs at Hy's Steak House
Jessie gets in close to Justin who is sitting on a chair
the couple on the inside balcony at Hy's Steak House
Justin making a stabbing motion with the knife moments before they cut the cake

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