• Kings Park, Winnipeg

    Dawson's Graduation

Well it is that time of year - graduation.  The special thing about this grad is that the graduates actually get to celebrate like normal.  COVID has such an impact on all of us, and I personally really felt for the people graduating from high school and missing out on this magical time.  I think back to my grad, and it is one of the best memories I have.  So cheers to Dawson, and good luck as I am sure you will crush the University of Manitoba!

Dawson playing with her hair while sitting on a park bench
The graduate leaning against a red post with a massive smile
Dawson sitting under a tree in the setting sun with her dress on the grass
The graduate sitting on the grass in the sunset playing with her hair
Dawson standing with one leg on a rock showing off the slit in the dress
Dawson looking back showing off her back and the back of the dress
A close up of the graduate at Kings Park Winnipeg

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