Kelsey & Gord

The magical spot in Kings Park for engagement photos

What can I say?  Anyone who knows me, knows that motorcycles have been a big part of my life.  When I see Gord roll up on cruiser, I smiled big. I  knew he was bringing a bike but you never know what kind (not that it really matters) but riding in style is always nice.  These two were so natural with each other its no wonder they decided to tie their lives together in marriage.

It really makes me smile when two individuals who are set in their owns careers find each other .  It is always even better when they bump into each other in their existing careers. Please join me in congratulating these two love birds for finding each other and taking the next step!

Engagement photos with a motorcycleGord posing with Kelsey sitting on the bike in the backgroundThe couple cuddling with the bike in the forefrontthe couple's reflection through the bike's gas tankThe magical spot in Kings Park for engagement photosKelsey sitting on Gord's lapEngagement embrace on the bridge in Kings parkCuddling on the park bench in the setting sunKelsey and Gord relaxing on the park benchKelsey posing for her portrait

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