Robyn & Darryl Engagement session

Robyn and Darryl sitting a tree branch

Adventure anyone?  These two crazy people are up for anything!  We came across a cool tree, and I said that would make a cool photo.  Only a few moments later both Robyn and Darryl were up in the tree! Usually it is us climbing in the trees and crawling through the leaves but it was fun to have the couple do the “heavy lifting” this time.  Stephen Juba park is one of my favourite spots because of the colour and the location to so many things.  Now we just can’t wait for the upcoming wedding!

Engagement photos in Stephen Juba parkUnder the fall leaves the couple embracesDarryl poses for a portraitRobyn smiles while leaning against a treeThe couple walks holding hands down a leaf filled pathRobyn and Darryl sitting a tree branchGetting cozy on a walking bridgeSitting on a picnic table under some stormy clouds with a train bridge in the backgroundThe rings delicately balanced in a colourful art pieceLeaning against the metal train bridge supportthe couple chilling beside the train bridge

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