Chynna & Tim | Engaged

Chynna sitting on Tim's lap beside the river

We love fall, and fall at Sunset is just a win win!  Chynna and Tim (and their dog) had their session a few days ago and we couldn’t be happier.  There were smiles, laughs, and a little drool (by the dog).  

Chynna and Tim leaning against a railing

Chynna and Tim with their dog A romantic kiss on a long road beside a fence Walking their dog down the road in the sunset Chynna and Tim holding each other close A kiss amongst the tress at sunset Chynna looking posing leaning against a tree A silhouette of the couple kissing beside the river cuddling with some birch trees Sitting back to back and posing like Charlie's Angels Chynna sitting on Tim's lap beside the river The soon to be happy family including the dog

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