Sam & David | Engaged

Enjoying a kiss on the patio at King and Bannatyne

Sometimes life can be busy, and sometimes ultra busy.  We were able to just squeeze in the engagement session before the wedding and was I every glad we did.  You see the engagement session is more than just second opportunity for photos for the couple, it is also a session where we can all get to know each other and how to work with each other.  I don’t think it is hard, but knowing how it feels to be in front of a camera before the big day comes is always good.  It just makes your wedding day that much more stress free as one less thing to worry about.  We hit the ground running 🙂  Up next, these two amazing people’s wedding photos!

Sam and David walk a back lane Standing on a loading dock for engagement photos Sam looking beautiful standing against a graffiti wall David posing for his engagement portrait The couple sitting on a loading dock in the setting sun in the exchange district the snuggle in a dirty back lane for their engagement session engagement photos in the Winnipeg Chinese Garden These two go for a pedal during their engagement session Sam and David stand with their bikes on the street corner having a beer at the end of their session David and Sam enjoying a beer outside King and Bannatyne A low shot of the two sitting on a sidewalk patio on King street Enjoying a kiss on the patio at King and Bannatyne

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