Hayley & Jeremy Married | Assiniboine Park

Kissing under the amazing pink tree in the English Gardens

Destination weddings don’t always involve us travelling.  This was a destination wedding but only for the bride and groom!  Hayley and Jeremy now live in Nova Scotia but most of their family and friends live in Winnipeg (where they couple grew up).  This was one of the first weddings we have done with the ceremony happening before noon, for good cause though as the bride and groom had flights to catch for their Caribbean honeymoon!  Sometimes weddings have things go not as planned.  A strong couple takes it in stride as “it is what it is” come the big day.  These two made the best of it and still had a great day and at the end of it were a married couple when the didn’t wake up that way.  We would like to say congratulations to these amazing people, and thank them for “coming home” to get married!

Jeremy moments before meeting his bride for the first time Early morning wedding backlit by the sun Newlywed photos under the gazebo at Leo Mole Garden The lovely couple by the pond at Leo Mole Garden Hayley hugging Jeremy's back A close up of Hayley's amazing bouquet Hayley and Jeremy in the garden at Leo Mole in the morning sun Kissing on the stairs in front of the Leo Mole Sculpture building Posed at the end of the long fountain pool Kissing under the amazing pink tree in the English Gardens The couple's wedding rings nestled on a tree branch Jeremy walking down the path to the wedding ceremony Hayley smirking at the camera as she walks down the isle The ceremony from across the pond at Leo Mole The wedding kiss under the gazebo the rings nestled in a white rose for the grooms mother who passed away The maid of honour and her boyfriend having a good laugh The amazing wedding dessert!

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