Sandra & Tayo | TransCanada Centre

the couple kissing from under the veil

This Nigerian couple, did things with considerably more gusto than the typical weddings we shoot.  I believe that these two families (and maybe all the guests) coordinated their attire, which enabled us to see just how vast these two families were and everyone that supported them.  The brides friends also co-ordinated their outfits which were called Aso ebi.  Aso ebi is an indicator of cooperation and solidarity during ceremonies and festive periods.  All the ladies used the same material to make their own dresses to show support for the bride.  This was really a cool experience to see the community that surrounded these two and the amount of support.

It was great seeing so many people busting a move in celebration for these two. There was dancing during the ceremony, and the entire reception. Another custom was the guest protocol for the reception.  How it was described to me by the couple was: “If the friends have ever met the bride and groom, they essentially take this as an invite to the reception”.  The staff at the TransCanada Centre had their work cut out for them, as I saw more than 7 tables added after everything was setup because people just kept coming, which made this easily the largest wedding we have ever photographed. Another highlight was 3 different wedding outfits which allowed the couple to also dress in their cultural specific attire, and even finish the night in something more comfortable because I am sure the party lasted ALL NIGHT!  

Thanks to Sandra and Tayo for choosing us to be a part of their big day, and allowing us to witness their personalities and culture up close!

Tayo getting his tie tied from the best man Sandra's wedding accessories including her ring The wedding rings placed on top of the wedding invite Black and white photo of a beautiful bridesmaid Sewing machine was used for literally last minute alteration Groomsmen laughing hysterically on the bed Sandra having her lipstick put on Tayo and his boys riding down in the elevator Groomsmen standing close to a car while you can see another one in the cars mirror Top down view of Sandra getting her hair done Sandra looking into the camera while having her hair done Sandra laughing while her hair is being finished The bride and her brother posing for a candid photo while getting ready The maid of honour holding the brides's bouquet for a portrait Sandra having her veil put on Sandra and Tayo moments after the first time they saw each other The entire wedding party under the gazebo at the Leo Mole garden The wedding party posing on the benches at Leo Mole Sandra hugging Tayo from behind A low angle shot of the bride and groom hugging at Leo Mole the couple kissing from under the veil Tayo's close up portrait The amazing Sandra posing for her portrait The bride and groom from across the pond at Leo Mole Gardens The bride and her maid of honour from across the inside of the limo Sandra walking down the isle with her father Rear view of the bride walking down the isle with long veil Sandra looking out under the veil at the alter at the camera Dancing was a huge part of this African wedding Group prayer with all the pastors of churches blessing the couple The bride inside the limo with her brother leaning on the outside The grooms mother dancing down in at the reception with her ladies Brides family dancing into the reception with all their friends Bridal couple breaking out mad dance moves during their reception entrance Bridal couple dancing in for their entrance Great dance moves from the bridal couple during their entrance The first dance at the TransCanada Centre Sandra and Tayo play the shoe game at their reception Sandra and Tayo wearing their second outfit, their African gowns Sandra and Tayo and all the Aso ebi ladies

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All the brides young Aso ebi ladies The bride and groom dancing in with their African attire The Kenyan culture showers the couple with money as a wedding gift A friend throws money at Sandra and Tayo Sandra and Tayo give their thank you speeches with direct eye contact into the camera

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