Tabitha & Matt – Leo Mole Sculpture Gardens

walking out the isle holding hands and huge smiles

Not every wedding goes as planned.  Sometimes there are hiccups and detours along the way.  These two amazing people have had considerably more than their fair share hiccups and detours.  Through all this crap, they have continued to shine, smile and push their own way through.  They have made their new lives together forged in fire and it can’t get better!  Right from the word go, it just felt natural with Tabitha and Matt.  Their personalities and humour is just amazing.  It was a great day hanging out with these two and we wish them all the best!  It can only get easier 😉

Matt getting some help Tabitha's jewelry Tabs getting ready in front of the living room window The ring bearers wearing suspenders Matt and his boys pool side The groomsmen watch The groom beside the pool Maid of honour watching Tabitha get ready The bride getting her dress tied Tabitha shows her garter beltMom putting on the brides jewelry Loe Mole Wedding venueTabitha showing off with peace signs for the camera Tabitha and her bridesmaids outside the Leo Mole Gardens The girls walking in to the wedding venue Tabitha in front of a large window with her gownThe bride and her father share a smile before the Tabitha just before she walks down the isle The flower girls walk down the path around the pond at Leo Mole Garden One of the bridesmaids smirking as she walks inBridesmaids looking at the camera walking down the isle Maid of Honour walking down the isle The best man and the boys standing on the steps The father of the bride show pure happiness as he walks down the isleThe groom sheds a tear as his bride walks in The ceremony from across the pond at Leo Mole Gardens The wedding prayer with the couple walking out the isle holding hands and huge smiles The bridesmaids posing for a group photo The entire wedding group The boys and the ring bearers posing Tabitha and Matt in the Winnipeg conservatory The couple up close and personalThe bride poses in the conservatory Tabitha in the Assiniboine conservatory Matt posing for his portrait The bride and groom looking boss in the Assiniboine consvertatory Tabitha posing on Matt's shoulder Close up of the couple kissing under the veil The rings inside the back of the wedding dress The couple embracing each other on hill in Assiniboine park  A little spice outside a Dodge Hellcat

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