Robyn & Darryl | Clear Lake

  • Wasagaming Clear Lake

    Robyn & Darryl

Easily the coldest wedding we have done to date! These two love birds SMASHED it and made it into a huge party in the midst of the polar vortex coming off the lake. The red carpet was rolled out, and all the guests stayed the night at the amazing Lakehouse in Wasagaming Clear Lake Manitoba. The party started early and ran far into the night. There was also a 30' fountain of fireworks waiting for the couple when they snuck out during the reception. Much love goes out to these two and thanks for letting us attend your amazing day!

Darryl putting on his suit before the first look
Robyn's amazing hair do
Robyn Getting her makeup put on in a dark silhouette
The wedding dress hanging on the wall at the Lake House in Wasagaming
The groom getting his hair done
Robyn sitting while having her makeup done
Darryl and the best man, and man of honour
Robyn is all smiles with her girls getting ready
The bride's mother putting on her daughters shoes.
The groom waiting in anticipation to see his bride for the first time.
The bride walks up on her groom for the first look under a ceiling of hanging lights in winter
The couple embrace for the very first time in the cold air in the courtyard of the Lake House
Robyn is laughing during the ceremony at something that was funny
The groom admiring his bride while she recites her vows
A wide angle shot of the ceremony and all the guests
The first kiss in the Lake House
Walking out for the first time as time husband and wife with natural smiles
the first hug after the recession
Kissing under the gazebo at the pier at Clear Lake while being back lit
Gazing into each other's eyes while the snow gently falls around them
Kissing under the Arbor in the snow
The couple embrace at night under the arbor while being back lit and able to see their breathe in the light
The couple kisses while a few feet away is a 30 foot hight sparkler firework show
Wide angle shot of the entire Lake House and the couple kissing under the arbor
The rings sitting on the bar
Robyn draping her arms around Darryl while looking intrigued at the camera
Robyn dipping Darryl on the dance floor during the first kiss

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