Pam & Josh have a winter dream

First dance love at the reception

Yes it was a chilly day outside but if you were close to Pam and Josh you were feeling the warmth. What an amazing couple! Just so genuine and happy about it all. From the very first time I met them I knew it they were special and their wedding day was no different. All the love in the room for these two was amazing. I was so lucky to share this day with them and look forward to working with them again.


The grooms shoes with his tie

The wedding dress hanging in a screened porch

Groomsman looking like a boss with this sunglasses

Groom getting ready at the house

Groom looking at his father from the background

Bridesmaids making a train getting each others dress on

Pam through her wedding veil

Pam's sister tying up the wedding dress


Pam doing putting on her earrings

Bridesmaid showing off her baby bump

Bride kissing her dog

Josh having his corsage put on

Close up of the boutonnieres

Josh striking a pose for a portrait

Ring bearers were dogs who had suits on

Josh being walked down the isle by both his parents

Groom talking with father of the bride at the top of the isle

Bride walking down the isle with both her parents

Groom finally meeting bride at the front of the hall

The bride and groom at St.Boniface Golf Club

Ring bearer dog wears a suit

Pam and Josh walk out the isle with massive smiles

Josh busting a move

The wedding party in front of the windows at St.Boniface Golf Club

Pam's beautiful wedding bouquet

Alli a bridesmaid

The wedding party in the cold of winter in the heart of the exchange district

Josh and his crew pose in front of a bar downtown

The groom holds up the wedding dress as they walk across a slushy street

Wedding day romance in the Winnipeg exchange district

A warm kiss on a very cold day

The bride and groom keeping warm on a cold winters day

The beautiful wedding bouquet

Bride and groom dancing in a hallway

Bride and groom sneaking away in the elevator

the entire wedding party stops for a drink at the Fox and Fiddle

Wedding day fun at the Fox and Fiddle in Winnipeg Exchange

laughs all around at the reception

Bride loving her maid of honours speech

The classic shoe game at the St.Boniface Golf Course

Pam and Josh's first dance

First dance love at the reception

All the aunties getting into YMCA on the dance floor

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