• Westminster United Church

    Brandon & Nathan

The days are getting shorter and colder but that doesn't slow down us Manitobans or these two on their Thanksgiving day wedding.  These two guys met at Church, and now both work at that same Church.  The ceremony was filled with music as that is what is very special between them.  If you have not seen the organ at Westminster United Church, you need to.  It is massive and is fully built into the church itself and sounds equally as impressive.  Even one of the bridal party used to be an opera singer and graced the ceremony with a number.  It truly was one of a kind ceremony that was felt throughout all the guests.

Congrats to Brandon and Nathan.

Brandon putting on his tie
Nathan and Brandon having a laugh while holding each other
The wedding bands nestled on a rose bouquet
Nathan posing a stained glass window sill at Westminster Church
The groom and his most important person walking down the isle
Brandon and his best man walking down the isle
Wide angle view of the ceremony in front of the organ at Westminster Church
Nathan putting on Brandon's wedding ring
Opera singer singing at the Westminster Church
Brandon and Nathan cuddling against a stained glass window
Brandon and Nathan hugging in front of the organ at Westminster Church
The newlyweds amongst the pews at Westminster Church
Brandon sitting between Nathans legs while leaning against a pew
Cuddling in the stairwell at Westminster Church
The couple in front of the huge circular stained glass piece in the balcony
a picture o the couple in the balcony and the stained glass window
The couple being back lit with blue light and color streaming in through multiple stained glass windows
One of the groomsmen acting it up with his fan
The photo with two girls holding up a sign that says
The wedding cake with a hint of an asian touch
The crystal chandelier centre pieces at the Polo Park Canad Inns

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