Kathryn & Matthew at Fort Rouge Curling Club

Snuggling on the curling bench at Fort Rouge Curling club

There is a first for everything!  To this day I have not done a curling engagement session.  That all changed with Kathryn and Matthew.  Although curling is not how they met, it is how their relationship grows.  Both love curling and Matthew takes his curling to the next level with I believe 3 times a week in the middle of winter.  He really knows how to throw rocks!  Both being from the faculty of Engineering at the U of M these two have a ton in common and can talk shop with other.  It was great working with these guys because we all come from the same places.  Please join me in congratulating these two on taking the next step!

Enjoying a kiss on the curling ice


Kathryn getting down to throw the hammer

The two strategizing on the next stone

The curling skip is distracted with a kiss

The couple are both from the Faculty of Engineering at the U of M

Kathryn is a little shorter than Matthew so there is tip toes for kissing

The beautiful couple with their reflection off a mirror

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