Amanda & Richard at The Forks

The couple lounges under a spruce tree for their engagement photos.

It was one beautiful day the day I met up with Amanda and Richard.  Again I always encourage my couples to bring items that have meaning to them.  The guitar is just that to Richard, very meaningful.  During the day Amanda is in the education sector and Richard is certified electrician, after hours though these two try to get out of the city as much as they can and enjoy the outdoors.   We headed over to The Forks downtown Winnipeg. There were fewer people than normal there which was great as we could go where ever we wanted.  Really though when the light is right and the couples feel comfortable with me, we can get some amazing photos no matter where we are.  Please join me in congratulating these two on taking the next step in their life journey.
The one of kind ring designed by Richard The enjoying their engagement photos Amanda sitting on Richards lap for a photo A close up Amanda getting close with Richard Amanda leaning up on Richard The couple looking like super models for their engagement photos  The couple having a laugh under a wooden gazebo Richard helps Amanda learn to play the guitar. The couple playing guitar under some spruce trees Music is very important to these two

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