Silvie & Lincoln at Playa del Carmen Mexico

Silvie and Lincoln looking striking while sitting waste deep in a cenote in Mexico

It’s not every day I get to photograph a sunrise session and trash the dress session in the humidity of the Mayan Riviera! It also just happened to be my biggest photography influence. We started out just north of town where the land just jets out enough to see the sun rise spectacularly rise above the Caribbean Ocean. Silvie looked flawless (as usual) as we started to photograph along the beach. The waves came and went as the sun slowly climbed its way up into the sky. It was truly a breathtaking morning spending it with these two. After the beach session we stopped for some breakfast smoothies and some eggs before continuing on to the cenote. The heat was unbelievably but fortunate for us we were about to get wet in the water. ┬áCongratulations to the two of you and I hope to have many more photo sessions with you guys in the future!

The couple dance along the shore during sunrise Silvie and Lincoln embrace in the morning sun on the shore The newlyweds gaze at the beautiful sunrise The couple holding hands running shoreside Silive holding an umbrella as Lincoln approaches from a distance Lincoln walks up close to his bride The bride peering over her husbands shoulder during sunrise Silvie and her amazing dress while she stands in the water the amazing sunrise in the Mayan The bride looking purely stunning while running her hands through her hair Some off camera flash during sunrise on the beach Newlyweds sharing a moment during sunrise Silhouettes during sunrise over the ocean black and white of the couple holding hands over looking the ocean Walking along the shore holding hands. The couple sitting on the shore with Mexican ruins in the background The couple up close in a run down building along the shore in the Mayan Red shoes in a run down building in the Mayan Graffiitti covered run down building ocean side in Mexico The couple sitting on a dock in a cenote the couple in a cenote Mexico dangling their feet in the water Standing in the water with falling flowers for a kiss Getting up close and comfy in 2 feet of water with the bride and groom Silvie and Lincoln looking striking while sitting waste deep in a cenote in Mexico Silvie pulling in Lincoln for a kiss after getting out of the water Lincoln lifting up Silvie for a kiss amongst the trees and cliffs in a cent Silvie in the smoke filled cenote with Lincoln holding her Standing in the sun rays while the bride leans against her husband. the couple in the water under a massive ledge in a cenote in the mayan.

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