Kristen & Matthias Trash The Dress

A dipping kiss on the shore by the Gran Bahai Principe

I have always loved the trash the dress session. People often ask: “doesn’t the dress get ruined?”. Well most of the time the wedding dress gets way dirtier on the wedding day than a TTD session. The salt water and the sand work together as a cleaning agent and removes dirt from the wedding day!

These sessions bring out real passion as there are fewer people around the and the couple can have really personal moments! Kristen and Matthias really made the most of our session during the setting sun. This  session was near the end of our week long adventure in Jamaica. We knew at this point how to work together. I did not have to say much, they knew exactly what to do. I just took photos!

The rings on the shoes as the water comes in the couple with nothing but smiles as they stand in the water tickling always brings out smiles Trash the dress romance at Gran Bahai Principe Kristen and Matthias standing in the water Kristen crawls up Matthias's lap in the water Kristen laying on Matthias lap giving him a big kiss Kristen lays on Matthias' chest The bride laying on the grooms chest in the water A scenic photo of the couple cuddling in the water close to shore The bride hugging her man from the back with his shirt open The bride peeking over the shirtless groom laying on the shore The bride and groom laying on the beach with the wedding shoes close by A spicy kiss with the couple all covered in sand A close up of the rings in the sand The bride and groom walking down the beach hand in hand All smiles with the bride and groom walking down the beach Holding hands while you can see both rings the couple kissing standing in the water near the shore at sunset A dipping kiss on the shore by the Gran Bahai Principe

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