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    Julia & Chris

It is not your every day occurrence when the wedding day hosts two ceremonies.  Julia and Chris did just that.  As Chris is Laotian, it only made sense to represent his family and culture with their own ceremony.  This was our first Laotian ceremony, and let me tell you it was AMAZING!  There were about 3 points during the ceremony where I almost cried and I didn't know most of the people or their stories.  The traditions are built with steep respect for elders and clearing the conscious to start fresh in their new lives together.  Every guest had the opportunity to tie a white string on the couple and give them a personal message.  These messages often led to tears and hugs.  Then, there was the feeding of the eggs, done the by the two couples with the longest marriage, to help show the future of what they can accomplish together. It ended with the couple asking for forgiveness from the special couples in their lives that have impacted them in some way or another.  Smiles, hugs, tears, and laughs were in abundance during the entire ceremony.  It was truly a heart warming experience.

We then had a little break, followed by preparation for the Christian ceremony.  From my memory, this is also the first time we have seen such an amazing wedding dress that came complete with pockets.  Chris and Julia are close to our hearts as they have a little slice of geek in them.  Star Wars was and always will have a special place in our hearts and when we can tie into our work, it is a dream come true.

We want to wish these two amazing people all the best in their future and may the force be with them!

Chris walking with his guests under an umbrella
Chris having a shot trying to get through the brides family
The Laotian ceremony from a high angle at the CMHR
Julia through the Laotian ceremony table
A view of the ceremony from a high angle looking down at the table
Julia crying during the tying of the white strings tradition
The groom crying while a family member ties the white string on his wrist
Chris GodParent hugging him tightly after tying his white string on
Somma Procession as the bride and groom ask their parents for forgiveness
Chris asking his grandparents for forgiveness during the Somma Procession
Julia asking for forgiveness during the Somma Procession
Chris straightening bowtie while getting ready
Julia's wedding dress hanging in front of a large set of windows
Chris smiling for his portrait
The engagement ring delicately balancing between the brides high heel shoes
Chris enjoying a beer with his groomsmen at the Forks
Chris enjoying a story with his groomsmen on a park bench at the forks
The groom and groomsmen dancing
The guys sharing a laugh and hugging each other
The bridesmaids taking a selfie
the girls helping Julia put her dress on
Julia posing for her portrait in front of a wall of windows
Julia's amazing bouquet of flowers
Julia and her full wedding dress in front a wall of windows
Julia posing on the 6th floor of the CMHR
The bride posing for a portrait from a low angle
Julia and her girls all hugging each other
A first kiss after the first look
Chris and his sister posing for the camera
The full bridal party toasting a beer at the Forks Market
The couple kissing on the top of a hill with the Museum in the background
The couple silhouette under the glowing walkways at the CMHR
The couple embracing in the window with a complex refection
The couple dancing in the glowing walkways of the museum
A birds eye view of Chris dipping Julia on the walkways a the Canadian Museum of Human Rights
The couple sitting on the stairs at the top of the tower at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights
Multiple reflections of the couple staring into each others eyes
The couple and the bridal party in the grass outside the museum
The couples wedding rings on a wooden table
The ceremony at the rock garden at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights
The ceremony site in the rock garden
Julia reading her vows to Chris
Chris resting his head on Julia's shoulder after the first kiss
The wedding cake
Chris looking up while his best man toasts him
A bride and groom cut out of a watermelon
The groom laughing while his parents give their speech
The parents of the giving their speech
The couple cheersing after a toast
Cutting the wedding cake together
The first dance at the CMHR
Chris dipping Julia to finish their first dance
Father daughter dance and Mother son dance in the background
The couple holding light sabers with their backs to each other
Duelling with light cabers while back lit
A bridesmaid giving the finger during the reception

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