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Sarah and Justin back lit by the Sun for engagement photos in Assiniboine Park

Sarah & Justin

Well it was a great evening with these two musicians. Not too many people know but when I was younger I too also played piano. Thanks to my mother who is RCM certified piano teacher/adjudicator I have several grades of piano. Having a photography session around a lake in fall is always a challenge. There are lots of Canadian Geese around. We managed to navigate the gauntlet and still get some great photos. There were smiles, and cuddles with these […]

Katie and Mark looking into each others eyes

Katie & Mark

Not sure what it was but these two and I hit it off from the get go. It’s awesome when things just click. they also brought their young puppy for a few photos as well which always adds some action which is fun. All I can say about these two is “always in love”. Two peas in a pod, or one pod and two peas they are just meant to be together.

The couple kissing with amazing storm clouds moving in

Cheyenne & Fred

Well the rain was coming in, but we were able to dodge it.  It was a really fun night that we had with these two.  Sure the weather is turning cold and the  sun is going down earlier and earlier.  That doesn’t mean that two young people engaged can’t heat things up a little.

Kaitlan & Craig kissing in the golden hour in Kings Park

Kaitlan & Craig

Well it was almost a year ago now that I first met Craig. We sat down together and talked about combines and the country. It was cool, to finally meet the girl who took over the top step in his heart. These are just two awesome people who have found each other and have figured out how to make their own paths come together to now share one.

The magical spot in Kings Park for engagement photos

Kelsey & Gord

What can I say?  Anyone who knows me, knows that motorcycles have been a big part of my life.  When I see Gord roll up on cruiser, I smiled big. I  knew he was bringing a bike but you never know what kind (not that it really matters) but riding in style is always nice.  These two were so natural with each other its no wonder they decided to tie their lives together in marriage. It really makes me smile […]

The couple in front of an amazing flower garden at St.Vital park

Melissa & Tyler

I love having sessions in fall! The images that come out of them are simply filled with colour! These two love birds met Kathy and I at St.Vital Park for an evening before they run off to Mexico to tie the knot. If you have ever been to the park in fall it is quite the adventure. There are always a ton of geese, and lots of little “land mines” that they leave. We still managed to have a ton […]

The happy family sitting on the grass by the flowers

Kristen & Sam

Well these two, brought a third to the shoot!  Sometimes engagements shoots contain more than just a guy and girl.  This was the case here and was it ever fun.  We were rolling in the grass and climbing trees.  We managed to get some good photos amongst the playing so everyone left happy!