Katie & Mark

Katie and Mark looking into each others eyes

Not sure what it was but these two and I hit it off from the get go. It’s awesome when things just click. they also brought their young puppy for a few photos as well which always adds some action which is fun. All I can say about these two is “always in love”. Two peas in a pod, or one pod and two peas they are just meant to be together.

Katie and Mark and their dog in the leaves

The engagement ring balanced on the Dogs nose

The couple in a tight embrace

Katie and Mark looking into each others eyes

Katie posing in the Assiniboine Park

Katie and Mark leaning back to back in the park

Katie and Mark spicing it up by showing a little leg

Katie and Mike dip for a kiss by the pavilion in Assiniboine Park

Mark posing for his portrait photo

The couple and their reflection over the water at the pavilion

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